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refinance student loans with earnest

Earnest Student Loan Refinancing

New-fashioned loans for the next generation

Earnest is a technology company using cutting-edge data science, smarter design, and software automation to rebuild financial services. With a mission to empower people with the financial capital they need to live better lives, Earnest's lending products are built for a new generation seeking to reach life's milestones. The company uses data and technology to understand every applicant's unique financial story and offer the lowest possible rates.

  • Variable rates starting at 5.49% APR (including 0.25% Auto Pay discount)*
  • Fixed rates starting at 4.96% APR (including 0.25% Auto Pay discount)*
  • Choose your own monthly payment
  • No fees of any kind and exceptional customer service for the life of your loan
  • Check your rates in under 2 minutes

Lower Rates Through Better Data: Our data-driven application process gives extra credit for financial responsibility. Unlike other lenders, we look
beyond income and credit score to assess a borrower’s full potential and offer lower rates.

Flexible Terms With Precision Pricing: Earnest is the only lender to offer Precision Pricing, allowing clients to customize their payments to their own
budget rather than predetermined 5, 10, 15, or 20-year terms. Clients also can switch between fixed and variable rates, and prepay with no penalty.

In-House, Lifetime Service: Earnest makes managing loans easy and straightforward. Unlike other lenders, we will never pass clients off to third- party loan servicers. Instead, our clients have access to our on-site customer support team and self-serve dashboards for the life of their loan.

Hardship Assistance and No Fees: Earnest has no prepayment, origination, or disbursement fees. We forgive loans in all cases of death or total and permanent disability. You can also request loan deferment and forbearance in cases of unemployment, illness, and financial or other hardship.

Two Minute Rate Check: Clients can get a rate estimate on our site in under 2 minutes, which won't affect their credit score or put them under
any obligation.


To qualify, you must be a U.S. citizen or possess a 10-year (non-conditional) Permanent Resident Card, reside in a state Earnest lends in, and satisfy our minimum eligibility criteria. You may find more information on loan eligibility here: Not all applicants will be approved for a loan, and not all applicants qualify for the lowest rate. Approval and interest rate depend on the review of a complete application.

Actual rate and available repayment terms will vary based on your income. Fixed rates range from 5.21% APR to 10.04% APR (excludes 0.25% Auto Pay discount). Variable rates range from 5.74% APR to 9.99% APR (excludes 0.25% Auto Pay discount). Earnest variable interest rate student loan refinance loans are based on a publicly available index, the 30-day Average Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR) published by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The variable rate is based on the rate published on the 25th day, or the next business day, of the preceding calendar month, rounded to the nearest hundredth of a percent. The rate will not increase more than once per month. The maximum rate for your loan is 8.95% if your loan term is 10 years or less. For loan terms of more than 10 years to 15 years, the interest rate will never exceed 9.95%. For loan terms over 15 years, the interest rate will never exceed 11.95%. Please note, we are not able to offer variable rate loans in AK, IL, MN, NH, OH, TN, and TX. Our lowest rates are only available for our most credit qualified borrowers and contain our .25% auto pay discount from a checking or savings account.

*Auto Pay Discount: If you make monthly principal and interest payments by an automatic, monthly deduction from a savings or checking account, your rate will be reduced by one quarter of one percent (0.25%) for so long as you continue to make automatic, electronic monthly payments. This benefit is suspended during periods of deferment and forbearance. Not all borrowers will qualify for our lowest rates, and your rate will be based on creditworthiness at time of application.

The information provided on this page is updated as of 08/09/2023. Earnest reserves the right to change, pause, or terminate product offerings at any time without notice.

Earnest loans are originated by Earnest Operations LLC. California Finance Lender License 6054788. NMLS # 1204917. Earnest Operations LLC is located at 303 2nd Street, Suite 401N, San Francisco, CA 94107. Terms and Conditions apply. Visit, e-mail us at [email protected], or call 888-601-2801 for more information on our student loan refinance product.



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