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Student Loan Refinance

We have the information and resources you need on student loan refinancing. Scroll down to check out our how-to guides, parent PLUS loan tips, and our refinance calculator. We’ve worked with thousands of borrowers through the years to help them make the best decisions on repayment and saving money.

What to Know About Refinancing Student Loans

As you begin reading articles and shopping for the right lender, here is the bottom line you need to know: when it comes to refinancing, it is a personal decision. Only you know how much (or how little) wiggle room you have in your monthly budget. Only you know how much you may stress over money. And only you can define your financial goals.

What we can do is help you find the right information and provide you with the right questions to ask along the way. We’ve been in business for over 20 years, and serving individuals to help them accomplish their goals is our mission.

The best student loan refinance company for you is the one that offers terms that align with your goals. Current interest rates are as low as 4.47%. Compare student loan refinancing lenders.
4 simple steps to help you complete your student loan refinance or consolidation application today. 
Understand the pros and cons of student loan refinance before you make a decision.See what the experts recommend.
Can you refinance a parent PLUS Loan? Yes! You can refinance for a lower interest rate, to consolidate loans, or to transfer a parent PLUS Loan to the student.
Understand your student loan refinance options (like fixed or variable interest rate), what repayment term is right for you, and quickly compare lenders.
Find the best options for private student loan refinancing which offers many benefits, including cutting your monthly payment and getting a lower rate.
One of the best ways to rid yourself of student loan debt is to make paying off your loans a priority. Here are steps you can take to pay off your student loans faster.
You took out loans to help your child pay for college, but now that they are independent, you’d like them to assume responsibility for paying the money back. We explain your options.
Do the benefits of having a cosigner outweigh the drawbacks? Learn the pros and cons of sharing the weight of your debt with others.
Can you refinance a parent PLUS Loan? Yes! You can refinance for a lower interest rate, to consolidate loans, or to transfer a parent PLUS Loan to the student.
Student loan consolidation or refinancing has several key benefits. You might be able to cut your payments & get a better rate. See if it's right for you.
Can you refinance a parent PLUS Loan? Yes! You can refinance for a lower interest rate, to consolidate loans, or to transfer a parent PLUS Loan to the student.
You know deferment and forbearance can help you when you can’t make your student loan payments, but what's the difference? How does it all work?
Learn about Direct Loan Consolidation including which loans are eligible. Compare to private student loan consolidation as an alternative to find the best option for you.

A weighted average interest rate is applied to federal Direct Consolidation Loans. The weighted average interest rate is calculated based on the current interest rates of the loans you wish to consolidate. Learn how.

Leveraging the equity in your home to pay off a student loan may seem tempting, but is putting your house on the line the answer to paying off your debt? Is student loan refinancing a better answer? Compare HELOC to student loan refinancing to find the right solution for you.
Learn more about student loan repayment options for federal Direct Consolidation Loans (including Income-Based Repayment), and private student loan refinancing options.
A list of helpful student loan links for borrowers looking for more information on federal student aid, scholarships, and private student loans.

Private student loan forgiveness does not exist; at least not in the same way that federal student loan forgiveness exists. This article will examine some of the things you may be able to explore with your lender, or potentially with your attorney if you’re pursuing bankruptcy. 

Here are four common methods for locating your student loans. You will need to know who your loan servicers are in order to refinance your student loans.
Why should you refinance or consolidate your student loans? You could lower your monthly payments, and you may even qualify for a reduced interest rate. Cosigners can also be released through a refinance. We work with top lenders to offer you the right solution. 
Private student loan consolidation can be more difficult if you have bad credit. Here are steps you can take to increase your chances of approval.
Student loan default can stay on your credit report for up to 7 years. Even if you are falling behind on your payments you can prevent student loan default. If you are in student loan default, there are ways to recover.