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Commonly Needed Student Loan Contacts

It happens to the best of us…we lose important phone numbers and website or contact information at the times we need them most. But when it comes to keeping up with your student loans, it is critical that you stay in contact with your lender or loan servicer. And if you are considering consolidation or student loan refinancing, you will be asked to indicate the name(s) of the companies where your loans are held. Not to worry. We’ve outlined the contact information for the most common federal loan servicers (the guys who handle the billing and other services on your loan) to help you get on track. So whatever you’re looking for, answers are just a few clicks or a phone call away.

Find Your Loans

If you can't recall which lender or loan servicer holds your federal student loan, you may want to start by going to your My Federal Student Aid account. You will need log in with your FSA ID. If you don’t have an FSA ID, you will need to create an account.

Do you also have private student loans, but forgot which lenders they are with?  Pull a free copy of your credit report to see which lenders or loan servicers are listed.

If you have college loans you borrowed directly through your school (sometimes referred to as institutional loans), be sure to check with the financial aid office at the college you attended.

Student Loan Resources

U.S. Department of Education Resources

The U.S. Department of Education has combined a lot of their sites together. At your My Federal Student hub, you can:

  • Get an FSA ID
  • Complete your FAFSA
  • Find Information about your federal student loans

If you are looking for information regarding the federal student aid program, visit

Phone contacts for the U.S. Department of Education:

  • 1-800-4FEDAID (1-800-433-3243)
  • 1-334-523-2691 (International)
  • 1-800-730-8913 (Hearing Impaired TTY)

Federal Student Loan Servicing

The following table features federal student loan servicers and their contact numbers.

Servicer Contact Number
CornerStone 1-800-663-1662
FedLoan Servicing 1-800-699-2908
Granite State - GSMR 1-888-556-0022
Great Lakes Educational Loan Services 1-800-236-4300
HESC/Edfinancial 1-855-337-6884
MOHELA 1-888-866-4352
Navient 1-800-722-1300
Nelnet 1-888-486-4722
OSLA Servicing 1-866-264-9762
ECSI Federal  Perkins Loan 1-866-313-3797
Defaulted Resolution Group  1-800-621-3115
TTY: 1-877-825-9923

Edvisors Resources

Edvisors strives to provide you with the information you need to help you plan and pay for college. Feel free to connect with our chat team to answer your questions when you are on our site. If you want advice from our financial expert, Elaine Rubin, submit your questions through Ask the Edvisor®.

How to File a Complaint

Having a problem with your student loan? It happens. If you’re having an issue with your lender or loan servicer and haven’t been able to resolve it, it may be time to seek assistance. As a last resort, you may even need to file a formal complaint.

If you have a complaint with your school or your federal student loan servicer, you should contact the U.S. Department of Education. They have a Feedback Center so you can easily file your complaint online. If you want to speak with an agent, you can call 1-844-651-0077.

If you are having issues with a private student loan, it is best to try to get your issue resolved with your lender. Ask to escalate your issue. If you feel as though you are stuck, you can always submit a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or call 1-855-411-2372. If you’re not sure what situations warrant a complaint, see what other people have experienced on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Consumer Complaint Database.

Consumer Reporting Agency Contact Information

If you have pulled up your credit report and notice incorrect information affecting your credit, you will need to contact the consumer reporting agencies.