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What are my private student loan options?

INvestEd Student Loan Refinance Disclaimers

Invested Student Loans

See for important information and additional details.

Subject to credit approval, loans are made by INvestEd or Bank of Lake Mills. Bank of Lake Mills does not have an ownership interest in INvestEd. Bank of Lake Mills is Member FDIC.

Lowest rates shown are for eligible, creditworthy applicants and require a 5-year repayment term and our Automatic Payment discount of 0.25 percentage points, as outlined below in footnote 3.

1The variable rate is subject to increase after consummation. The maximum variable interest rate is 18.00%. The variable interest rate that is charged to the borrower is reset quarterly, may increase or decrease, and is based on an Index and Margin.

2The Fixed rate will not change during the term. This rate is expressed as an APR. Since there are no fees associated with this loan offer, the APR is the same percentage as the actual interest rate of the loan.

3Rates advertised include an interest rate reduction of 0.25 percentage points for setting up automatic payments. Automatic payments are not required. Borrowers are eligible to receive a 0.25% ACH interest rate reduction for payments made via automatic debit. The ACH Discount will be applied the day that the ACH payment is approved by your bank and will remain in effect until you discontinue the ACH payments, are disqualified or the ACH Discount is suspended. You will be disqualified from this benefit if three (3) payments are returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF) within any twelve (12) month period. The ACH Discount is suspended during any deferment or forbearance period.

4You may apply to have your cosigner(s) released from their obligation after the first 48 consecutive monthly principal and interest payments are received on time as long as you meet the underwriting and credit criteria at the time the cosigner release is requested.

Annual percentage rate (APR), finance charges, and monthly payments are based on borrowing $10,000 in a single disbursement.

  • The Variable rate APR is based on maintaining a constant interest rate on a variable rate loan of 2.72% to 6.36% during the selected full principal and interest repayment period. - Examples are based on the interest rates for the period of November 1 – January 31, 2020.
  • The Fixed rate APR is based on a fixed interest rate of 3.69% to 7.44% during the selected full principal and interest repayment period. - Examples are based on the interest rates for the period of July 1 – December 31, 2019.     
What are my private student loan options?