Private Student Loan News

Private student loan news and program updates to help students and parents understand the latest trends and changes in private student loans.

College Costs Out of Control

Jul 19 2013  -  Despite the concerns arising over the recent increase in the federal student loan interest rate, the real problem at hand is the rising cost of college, and decline in government grants...

Pros and Cons of Private Student Loan Consolidation

Jul 12 2013  -  Congratulations on finally finishing college. While it's great to be working and living on your own, you now get to pay your own bills (and yes, now you finally understand why your parents always yelled at you for taking more than 10 minute...

5 Tips for Parents Considering PLUS Loans

May 10 2013  -  To help you decide if this is a good option for your family, take a look at the following tips on applying for and managing your Parent PLUS Loan.

When to Get Student Loans

Apr 16 2013  -  To help families through this award letter season, here is a breakdown of how and when to accept—or apply for—all types of student loans.

Parents, 5 Financial Lessons for Your College Student

Apr 11 2013  -  As a parent, you are faced with one of life’s greatest challenges: preparing your child for financial responsibility. When your child leaves home for college, they will explore their independence in more ways than one. Learning the fi...

Stafford Loan Déjà Vu: Interest Rates Set to Double Once Again

Apr 10 2013  -  Once again, subsidized student loan interest rates are facing an impending increase. Without action, students may see rates double to 6.8% next year. Learn more!

Can You Refinance Student Loans?

Mar 18 2013  -  You can refinance your mortgage, but can you refinance your student loans? The short answer is: possibly. Let me elaborate. Refinancing is a tool commonly used by borrowers in the housing industry to lower interest rates. In regards to stud...

How to Refinance your Student Loans

Oct 8 2012  -  When students take out private student loans for the first time, they usually have little to no credit history built up. This means, their interest rates probably weren't ideal, or they applied with a cosigner. If you're one of these borrow...

5 Reasons to Consolidate your Student Loans

Sep 28 2012  -  Student loan consolidation is a great option for borrowers looking to lower monthly payments or simply make repayment easier. Don't believe us? Here are 5 ways consolidation can benefit you!

Student Loans: Where to Turn First

Aug 24 2012  -  You may have heard of Stafford loans, PLUS loans, and private student loans, but do you really know the differences between them? Is one type of loan really better than the other? Let's find out.