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Private student loans are available to graduate students as well as undergraduates. Private loans can help cover costs for most post-undergraduate programs such as medical school, law school, business school, and more.

Graduate vs. Undergraduate

Like undergraduate loans, private graduate school loans do require a credit check for the primary borrower. What makes the private loan process different for graduate students is that applicants tend to have a better-established credit history.

In some cases, a better credit history could mean lower interest rates, or approval without a cosigner (though not always) and even at the graduate level, it's recommended that students apply with a cosigner to receive the best possible rate.

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Eligible Graduate Programs

Like undergraduates, graduate students must meet general eligibility criteria based on their program, but in general, private loans are available to fund the following types of programs:

These are just some example programs; private loans can cover a wide variety of graduate degrees. To find out if a program is eligible, students should contact their school's financial aid office for more information.

Other Options for Graduate Students

Before applying for private loans, make sure to maximize federal aid and scholarships. Graduate students should file the FAFSA and may be eligible for enough Stafford or PLUS loans to cover college expenses. In addition, keep applying for scholarships! There are many scholarships for graduate students out there, yet many students don't take advantage of all their options.

For more information about private student loans, check out our private student loans frequently asked questions page, or get started and apply for a private student loan.